De la verdad y de la interpretación

Fundamentales contribuciones a la teoría del lenguaje

De la verdad y de la interpretación - Donald Davidson - Gedisa
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What is the relationship between language in its various forms and levels from pure observation or description, to the metaphor, the quote, the manifestation of beliefs and opinions with reality? To what extent and using what rules and laws can establish that natural language statements are true? What allows the receiver of a linguistic message correctly interpret or translate? These and other questions have troubled the philosophy of language to say the least since the early twentieth century and reflects them as background, the permanent abandonment of any metaphysical guarantee of truth and understanding of human language. Thus, the degree of truth and interpretability and can only be explored from strictly oriented criteria for the inherent rationality to speak, the assumption that there is a predisposition for communication and understanding and a relevant anchor of language more


Book: De la verdad y de la interpretación

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