El Arte de amargarse la vida (2013)

El Arte de amargarse la vida (2013) - Paul Watzlawick - Herder
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New edition, revised and updated «One of the main authors of the theory of communication and psychotherapy and one of the greatest scientists» The World More than 100,000 copies sold in Castilian. His work has been translated into 80 languages. The art of bittering life, perennial best seller since its first publication in 1983, was the international recognition of Paul Watzlawick, one of the key figures of twentieth-century psychology. It is possible that the reader finds in this parody of self-help something of himself, his own style of turning the everyday into unbearable and trivial into disproportionate; At the same time, the work will provide the therapist with valuable material. "It is time to end the thousand-year-old tales that present happiness, happiness, good fortune as desirable goals. Too long they have tried to convince us that the pursuit of happiness will bring us hap...read more


Book: El Arte de amargarse la vida (2013)

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