El arte de gobernar

Manual del buen gobierno

El arte de gobernar - Rogelio Guedea - Almuzara
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The main theories and currents around the difficult exercise of politics. What the great thinkers of History said about a human activity that continues to define, like it or not, the course of our society.

The art of governing. Manual del buen gobierno is an entertaining essay on political science and philosophy, written in an accessible language, as well as an evocation of the most important thinkers, with a look at their contributions to this field. In it, Solón and the Rule of Law meet; Confucius and the art of governing; Cicero and his courageous denunciation of corruption; Bacon and technocracy; Thomas Hobbes and the social being; Spinoza and the duty of every political regime... How did philosophers and scholars conceive this trade throughout history and what did they think and reason about this art? Who were these great thinkers and how did they shape their theories?

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Book: El arte de gobernar

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