El arte de no ser egoísta

El arte de no ser egoísta - Richard Precht - Siruela
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"I want to do in this book some hints about what we could do better on the economy, society and politics. Not only is it good or bad disposition. This is how it can be promoted our commitment to others, at a time when our model of society is at stake as it was not many decades. And proposals for how we could change social institutions so that make it easier and harder good evil. "
R. D. Precht

Why is it so hard to be good? Is good or bad human being? Are we Basically selfish or altruistic? And how is it possible that almost all humans make ourselves greater or lesser extent in favor of "good" and yet, there is so much misery in the world?
The art of being selfish, the renowned German philosopher Richard D. Precht develops an interesting approach to the moral nature of human beings, without making demands on how has to be the man. Analyzes the question of how we beha...read more


Book: El arte de no ser egoísta

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