El Arte develado

Consideraciones estéticas sobre la hermenéutica de Gadhamer

El Arte develado - María Antonia González Valerio - Herder México
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Herder México
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Gadamer's philosophy inevitably leads to his side the epithet of "hermeneutics", since it has been, largely, the founder of contemporary philosophical hermeneutics. This has become in recent decades, handle not only important philosophical debates but also major proposals of thinking not only within the realm of philosophy but of the humanities and social sciences in general. However, the great weight that hermeneutics has had in the second half of the twentieth century has meant specifically for the philosophy of Gadamer forgotten or at least relegate their aesthetic, which is an essential and fundamental axis in the construction of hermeneutics as evidenced by his major work, Truth and Method. The starting point of his reflections is established with the question about the artwork. This book demonstrates and shows that Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics is inextricably interwoven ...read more


Book: El Arte develado

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