El Barroco jesuítico-guaraní

Estética y atavismo

El Barroco jesuítico-guaraní - Horacio Bollini - Editorial Las cuarenta
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Editorial Las cuarenta
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Bodies exhibited in the foreground of a scenario, Leibniz Teodice, altarpieces and drapes of gersminal impulse, Spinozian immanence: the Baroque fields of action build that religion of the infinite to which Gebhardt alludes. IESU Societs is an essential part of the Baroque becoming, of its discursive signs and presences. And in the construction of a Jesuit imaginary, Paraquaria reductions emerge with the strangeness of the lost. The images, the urban planning, the ceremonial threaded by enigmatic areas of the verb: plans that juxtapose to form the strata of symbols that define those theocracies. The aesthetics developed range between the iconic and the baroque, under the scope of atavism and rituality; The semiology of the missionary image offers a multiple field of readings, from the correspondence between the representative and the transcendence of the word in the pre -Hispanic Guar...read more


Book: El Barroco jesuítico-guaraní

ISBN: 9789871501571