El camino de la vida

Homilías en el año litúrgico

El camino de la vida - Joseph Ratzinger - Herder
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"Joseph Ratzinger masterfully shows the inseparable relationship between the announcement of the word of God and the liturgy."

The special singularity of the homilies of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the result of his rich work in ecclesial action and his theological thinking, is shown in this edition with the selection of seventeen texts that have not yet been published or have been Hard access.

The title of the work reflects the theological and pastoral concern that drives his homilies: "the way of life." With it, the conviction of faith is expressed that the word of God is a word of life and that it leads to its fullness. In fact, this book is a rich representation of the great homiletic work of Benedict XVI, which leads both to the meditation of the divine word and to that of the community of faith of the Church or also to that of today's world. Thus, the voice of Jose...read more

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Book: El camino de la vida

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