El club de los Gourmets

El club de los Gourmets - Junichirô Tanizaki - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

As the story of Mr. Colinazul (1926) and Dreams manganese dioxide (1955), published by texts I dropped twenty in the spring of 2002, The Club of Gourmets (1919) is part of an anthology of recent appearance on English brings together six short pieces, written by Tanizaki in different years of his literary output. The translation presented here-as in the other mentioned this volume comes from by Paul McCarthy for editing Kodansha International and not, therefore, the original Japanese text. This is the first edition in Spanish history that integrates this volume.
From its title, The Club of Gourmets could be read as the immoderate version of an expensive item to Chesterton: the secret society that gathers its members around an unusual activity. In this case, a decadent nobleman chairs the fruitless search for a group of foodies towards the supreme dish.



Book: El club de los Gourmets

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