El conocimiento silencioso

Las raíces de la cualidad humana

El conocimiento silencioso - Marià Corbi - Fragmenta
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Marià Corbí intends to give a lay foundation, without beliefs or religions, to what our ancestors called spirituality and which he prefers to call wisdom or deep human quality, since to speak of spirituality presupposes an anthropology based on the contrast between body and spirit. The point of departure of Corbi is neither religious nor religious, but anthropological, cultural and social. Its central concern is how to conceive and favor today the cultivation of wisdom in a present in which the traditional ways of living the deep dimensions of existence have been displaced, as well as the words that served to speak of this possibility. The religious traditions are carriers of a legacy of wisdom to preserve, in the same way that the cups are carriers of wine. The important thing is that obsolete glasses do not leave us without access to wine. To begin in the spiritual life is to learn ...read more



Book: El conocimiento silencioso

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