El Error de Prometeo

Psico(pato)logía del desarrollo moral

El Error de Prometeo - Manuel Villegas - Herder
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Prometheus became all the fire and the technique to the gods to give to men but forgot to provide them with a regulatory system that allowed them to live in peace and harmony with themselves and their peers. It had to be Zeus himself, tells us in Plato's Protagoras, who recover from this, providing them with moral conscience to fulfill this function._x000D_
Today we can say that the emergence of moral consciousness is not the result of a divine gift but follows an evolutionary process of construction through the various stages of psychological development. This process involves a cost in terms of psychology, as they combine their own interests with those of others is not a tension without generating structural system of moral regulation. The result may be personality disorder or anxiety-depression. This book presents the vicissitudes of the human psyche from evo...read more

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Book: El Error de Prometeo

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