El Lenguaje del cambio

Nueva técnica de la comunicación terapéutica

El Lenguaje del cambio - Paul Watzlawick - Herder
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The essential features of the language of therapeutic communication, and known to Presocratic have undergone over the last decades, penetrating research in various aspects of life and human experience. What rises to the surface from those areas because of its unique character are considered strange and deep areas of our mind, is later in the therapeutic conversation to the language of reason and conscience. According to Watzlawick, is this dark and often quirky language that provides the key to those areas that truly therapeutic change can occur._x000D_
The author, a key figure in developing the theory of human communication and essential reference in the field of family therapy and systemic, gives the reader an introductory grammar that can capture the essence of this language of change and apply it later patients who suffer under the weight of their world.


Book: El Lenguaje del cambio

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