El Nuevo Viejo Mundo

El Nuevo Viejo Mundo - Perry Anderson - Akal
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This masterpiece delves into the history of Europe from the end of the Cold War until today. Halfway between the study of contemporary history and political analysis, Perry Anderson examines the history of the European Union, the history of the continental countries that make up its starting point and its subsequent expansion to the east.
He began his essay with a brilliant analysis of the origins and consequences of European integration since World War II and how it is theorized today from different disciplines. It then moves to more detailed events of the political and cultural development of three of the main states of the original Common Market: France, Germany and Italy. The third part explores the interrelated stories of Cyprus and Turkey, which pose a major political challenge for the Union. The book ends with an acute study of the ideas that have given shape to Europe fr...read more


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Book: El Nuevo Viejo Mundo

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