El poder

Curso sobre Foucault. Tomo II

El poder - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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Power collects the second part of the course that gave Gilles Deleuze Foucault at the University of Vincennes. The course had begun in late 1985 from the axis of knowledge. In this second part, in early 1986, it addresses what Deleuze considers the second major axis of Foucault: power.
For Deleuze thought is never a system, implicit or explicit, but a vital and practical journey, full of tenures, shock, detours, encerronas, sudden jumps and drop-outs, which are not for reconstruction but demand for new thinking . So comment and creation are inseparable. The power then give us periodization of the work, relations with the post-68 in Europe, with Marxism and existentialism, and also with Nietzsche. He discussed the principles for an analysis of power and notions such as microphysics, discipline, and biopolitics. But on a second level the work is recreated and redistributes everyth...read more



Book: El poder

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