El psicoanálisis infantil

La Herencia De Freud

El psicoanálisis infantil - Yolanda Martínez y Aguilar - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Freud's work changed the image of man in the history of civilization from the nineteenth century, in particular, thanks to his discoveries as a researcher. The existence of the unconscious directing the behavior that was thought conscious and dominant of life and child sexuality, comprises one of his greatest discoveries. This general inheritance that each psychoanalyst must develop is the capacity of a researcher in the search for the genesis of neurosis, a permanent end in a search for the truth. Thus, what Freud inherited from us and the purpose of this book is to give an account of a psychoanalytic clinic with children and adolescents based on the foundation about the world of children. We have gathered articles by leading psychoanalysts from the French and Mexican world to give insight into the child, child sexuality and what we call Freud's inheritance: child psychoanalysis.



Book: El psicoanálisis infantil

ISBN: 9786079714079