El Ramayana

Contado según la tradición oral por Serge Demetrian

El Ramayana -  Anónimo - Ediciones Sígueme
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Ediciones Sígueme
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Together with the Mahabharata, the Ramayana is one of India’s greatest epic tales. In this Indian odyssey, honour, justice, and fate played an important role along with love, friendship, and the enjoyment of nature. The story plot unfolds in a brilliant manner amidst tragic episodes, lyrical fits, and comical situations.

After living twenty-five years in India, where he came to know different versions of the original text, Serge Demetrian has looked for inspiration in the storytellers from South India to offer a fresh version of this masterpiece. By reading its pages, the western reader is drawn into the heart of the Indian soul without even noticing it.

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Book: El Ramayana

ISBN: 9788430117925