El sendero del yoga

El sendero del yoga - Osho  - Kairós
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Nowadays they survive from yoga, above all, physical exercises that help to achieve a more relaxed and balanced state of life. However, as Osho explains, the postures did not come first, but practitioners realized that upon reaching a meditative state, the body naturally assumed certain postures. Because the body and mind are so closely connected, it is possible to achieve a certain peace of spirit through a body posture that corresponds to this peace. But it would be a mistake to believe that the cart is pulling the horse. By going back to the original teachings as a starting point, Osho clarifies the mind-body relationship and reveals that yoga is not a series of physical exercises, but what he calls "a science of the soul."

In The Path of Yoga, Osho explains the meaning of some of the most important sutras of Patañjali, the first "scientist of the soul", father of raja yoga ...read more


Book: El sendero del yoga

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