El Sutra del loto

El Sutra del loto -  Anónimo - Herder
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The Lotus Sutra is the most influential Mahayana Buddhist sacred text, whose vocation is to bring the message to the lay Buddhist population. It is characterized by its universal message and the beauty of its images, similes and parables that appeal to the emotions and challenge the intellect. Its 28 chapters, combining verse and prose, have a cosmic universe, beyond time and space, in which the eternal Buddha preached the supreme doctrine. His message is that there is a unique vehicle for salvation: the complete opening to the Buddha's teaching and faith in the state of Buddhahood is within reach of all beings.

From the twentieth century, with the arrival of Buddhism to the West, The Lotus Sutra, whose message is able to adapt and inspire the hearts of all people, has become one of the spiritual lights of modern man.

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Book: El Sutra del loto

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