Esferas de la insurrección

Apuntes para descolonizar el inconsciente

Esferas de la insurrección - Suely Rolnik - Tinta Limón
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Tinta Limón
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Tapa Blanda

This book is like a beautiful worm that grows in a dunghill: the undulation and velvety smoothness of its thought, the contagious laughter, the lack of shame and fear allows it to enter the darkest layers of contemporary fascism, to guide us in the places that terrify us the most, and get something out of there with which to build a horizon of collective life. Suely Rolnik is an artist whose subject is the drive. A silkworm farmer from the left under her skin. You cannot ask for more from one writer: to become a worm, to map the mud with the same precision with which another would map a gold mine. For this reason, reader, enter with this worm in the magma of the beast and look for the germs of life that, although you do not know, surround you, and that, with a twist of the look, could be yours - could be your own life.

(From the foreword by Paul B. Preciado).

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Book: Esferas de la insurrección

ISBN: 9789873687488