Feminismos del sur

Feminismos del sur - Mariana Alvarado - Prometeo
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Southern feminous. Tours, itineraries and juntures is a collective text and has been built between the statement and the eutter, between the commentary and the commentary, between the reference and the quotation, between the sample and the demonstrated, between the experience and what says it, between what we modulate and the word that (un)names us. The texts presented here contribute to a field that is part of the cross between postcolonial feminism, decolonial feminism, decolonial choice, feminist theory, Latin American thought, feminist epistemology, cultural criticism and social and critical analysis of discourses with the aim of contributing to the circulation of thoughts, sayings, feelings and chores. From feminist thinkers from Latin America and the Caribbean, this work seeks to insert itself into the configuration of a Latin American archive about contemporary debates around c...read more


Book: Feminismos del sur

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