Interpretaciones fenomenológicas de la Fenomenología del Espírit

Hegel - Eugen Fink - Herder
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This work has been developed from the lessons of Eugen Fink on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, with which the author attempted to answer the demand made by Edmund Husserl to go "to the things themselves" and philosophizing from them to the when interpreting a text of the history of philosophy. Fink, a leading representative of German philosophy in the second half of the twentieth century, not merely to apply the instruments developed by phenomenology, but makes clear that the method and the thing not to be separated. Taught for the first time in 1948, these lessons, then, not only explain the thoughts of Hegel, and thus make them more understandable, they are genuine sense philosophy._x000D_
"The investigations that follow are marked not only by the claim to understand a text, but, rather, to move towards the" thing itself "(die Sache selbst) that may be on the...read more


Book: Hegel

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