Hermano Roger

La vida del fundador de Taizé

Hermano Roger - Kathryn Spink - Herder
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On August 16, 2005 the news of Brother Roger's violent death shocked the world. The man who had dedicated his life to the pursuit of peace and reconciliation, founder of the ecumenical community of Taizé, fell like so many witnesses of the faith in the hands of insane violence._x000D_

They came to the community of Taizé messages of condolence and solidarity, far and near. The dismay at what had happened became a deep sense of communion with people around the world. His death has yet more light filled all his work.

Yes, the springtime of ecumenism has flowered on the hill of Taizé, in this Church of Reconciliation, in which members of different Christian traditions together in a framework of respect and dialogue, prayer and sharing as brothers. Cardenal W. Kasper

In the same sense of communion is republished this biography that brings us not only to the person of B...read more


Book: Hermano Roger

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