J - Howard Jacobson - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In a future so close that it seems only a deformation of the main features of our present and our lifestyle; In a world in which a veil of forgetfulness, negation and suspicion has fallen on the past (marked by an unknown and nameless catastrophe, taboo, to which people refer with the euphemistic conjurer of "What happened, if Happened '); In a society in which normality is a hidden tyranny resulting from soft impositions, a proliferation of taste for the same and a slow abolition of differences, a man and a woman, for whom their respective pasts are strange and forgetful, They know each other and fall in love. And with that love begins or ends everything. But has it really been a chance encounter? What follows is a path full of tenderness, uncertainty, melancholy, paranoia and terror. A journey to the root of helplessness. Kevan Cohen has never known why his father put two fingers on...read more


Book: J

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