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Kanji to remember 2 is a manual to learn to read and correctly pronounce the Japanese characters (kanji). Although it is designed for students who have internalized the content of Kanji to remember 1, it can also be useful for those who have embarked on the study of kanji through a different methodology.

This method will help you discover the solid base of consistent patterns that govern many of the kanji and, in cases that are resistant to any kind of systematization, will provide valuable clues to learn. The goal is always the same: to reduce the time and effort should be invested in memorizing the readings and achieve greater and lasting assimilation.

The second edition of Kanji to remember one incorporating 196 new characters that, in 2010, the Ministry of Education of Japan decided to add to the official list of commonly used kanji considered. The readings of all th...read more

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Book: Kanji para recordar 2

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