La comisión para la inmortalización

La ciencia y la extraña cruzada para burlar la muerte

La comisión para la inmortalización - John Gray - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Leonid Krasin was an engineer in the former Soviet Union proposed freezing the body of Lenin to return to life when out scientific and technologically feasible. It was part of the so-called "Commission for immortalization." And it is precisely the new and fascinating essay by John Gray: human obsession transcend mortality. If on one hand the Victorian psychic researchers sought to demonstrate in a scientific way the existence of the soul and it is served strange seances in which automatic writing texts interconnected to no contact with the magma would like unconscious later the surrealists, but in the hereafter, the "god-builders" of the Soviet Union, for its part, did not seek evidence of life after death, but deify humanity through art and reason, creating a new man free from all imperfection. But to kill death it would have to kill the man first. And she did, ruthlessly, efficient more


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Book: La comisión para la inmortalización

ISBN: 9788415601715