La Confesión frecuente

La Confesión frecuente - Benedikt  Baur - Herder
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The liturgical renewal in recent years introduced within the Church and the discussions around the most effective way to carry to term are now given to the subject of frequent confession, or as it has been called, the confession of devotion. Pius XII in his encyclical Mystici Corporis devoted its attention and going out to meet some who lower reach, stressed the decisive importance for the spiritual life of Christians in these words: "We want much more expensive to recommend the use of pious frequent confession, introduced by the Church, not without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, with which just increases the self-knowledge, growing Christian humility, bad habits are uprooted, it is against the warmth and spiritual indolence is purified consciousness, strengthens the will, he holds the healthy direction of conscience and grace increased by virtue of the sacrament. "The famous more

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Book: La Confesión frecuente

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