La Construcción del universo

Conceptos introductorios y reflexiones sobre epistemología, cons

La Construcción del universo - Marcelo R. Ceberio - Herder
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The construction of the universe condenses a series of reflections on the new models of knowledge that science permeates these postmodern times. Therefore in their development cycles through the currents of Constructivism, Cybernetics and General Systems Theory, which are set around a complementary, focusing on the pragmatics of human communication. The book attempts to articulate how to build personal universe, starting from the slopes epistemological structuring of reality to the development of constructive act the same as in the field of psychotherapy. The construction of the universe is not stranded on the theoretical perspective. Different examples of everyday life and psychotherapy are catching up with epistemology. Interest students and researchers and social science professionals and mental health to try to expand their knowledge in this field.


Book: La Construcción del universo

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