La dignidad de la Tierra

Ecología, mundialización, espiritualidad

La dignidad de la Tierra - Leonardo Boff - Trotta
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"We live critical times and so creative. In the last fifty years has changed the political and ideological map of the world. Structures fell and with them many more mental-esque. They were dreams. Belonging to the substance of the human being, always remain. Allow new insights and provide the necessary enthusiasm for thinking and creativity.
Along with dreams too much suffering lives. Many lost their guiding star. Others were destroyed inside, unable to understand the ruin of so many generous visions. They live just because they die. But in and cut off their sources of hope. Suffering, more than admiration, suggests.
The texts that we met here were born in recent years, under the impact of historical upheavals that occurred and suffered and affected also the author biographically. He changed the way not of course. He jumped into another trench, but not abandoned the more


Book: La dignidad de la Tierra

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