La pérdida ambigua

Cómo aprender a vivir con un duelo no terminado

La pérdida ambigua - Pauline Boss - Gedisa
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When we love dies, we mourn his loss. We consoled ourselves with the rites that accompany his disappearance and seek support in those around us. But what happens when there is no end, when perhaps a family member or friend is still alive and yet, as we have lost? How a mother whose son has been missing in action, or family of a sick Alzheimer facing doubt among the permanent loss and a possible return home or lucidity.  In this sensitive and full text of wisdom, Pauline Boss explains that people who suffer losses ambiguous alternating between hope and despair, emotions that can deaden the feelings and prevent people revert to their lives.  The author is based on his research and clinical experience to suggest strategies to ease the pain and help families to accept it. In many stories of individuals and families who faced ambiguous loss shows how managed to overcome the paralyzing more


Book: La pérdida ambigua

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