La versión de Barney

La versión de Barney - Mordecai Richler - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Barney Panofsky is an apparently ordinary man who has an extraordinary life: he smokes too many cigars, he drinks a lot of whiskey, and he is obsessed with hockey and one of his ex-wives. At age 67 he decides to write the story of his life to deny the attacks that his worst enemy has just published in a book that uncovers the most compromising issues of Barney's past: shady business deals that led to his success, three failed marriages, and The mysterious disappearance of Boggie, Barney's best friend, a possible murder of the one who remains the main suspect. With an acidic humor that allows him to make fun of everything, especially of himself, Barney takes us by the story of his delicious dissipated life.


Book: La versión de Barney

ISBN: 9788496867789