Las manos de los maestros V. II

Ensayos literarios. Volumen II

Las manos de los maestros V. II - J. M. Coetzee - El hilo de Ariadna
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El hilo de Ariadna
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In the first volume of his essays, The hands of the masters, Coetzee demonstrated his exceptional aptitude for using the conceptual substrate offered by the various literary theories - from those arising from linguistics to French post-structuralism - to address the authors and issues on which it stops. But since Coetzee, beyond his academic career, is one of the greatest writers of today, that condition allows him to adopt a perspective of singular lucidity, intimately linked to the literary wisdom of the great narrator, as well as to use a language other than technicalities of criticism. In the case of this second volume, focused almost exclusively on literary creators - from García Márquez to Hölderlin - and in that singular philosopher who is Erasmus, the subtlety of his comments is even more evident, since he focuses on each of them with a original look The result is a book not more


Book: Las manos de los maestros V. II

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