Lectura intertextual de la Biblia hebrea

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Lectura intertextual de la Biblia hebrea - Gregorio del Olmo Lete - Trotta
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The Hebrew Bible collects the cultural heritage of the Ancient Orient and turns it into a historical story lived by a people. I relate that the Christian Bible recasts in the Greek crucible: translation and commentary, preserving it as the prehistory of its own. The Hebrew Bible thus becomes, as a fulfillment and preamble, the varied altarpiece of the prototypes of Western humanity. By revealing that hidden ancestral current of which the Hebrew Bible was nurtured, to comment later on the list of modern creations that have been nourished in turn by it, it is possible to highlight the process of mimesis or intertextuality that recreates the continuum that constitutes the western culture. The present work has had the help of the Palarq Foundation and the San Millán de la Cogolla Foundation.


Book: Lectura intertextual de la Biblia hebrea

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