Lo interrumpido

Escritos sobre filosofía y democracia

Lo interrumpido - Diego Tatián - Editorial Las cuarenta
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Editorial Las cuarenta
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Soft cover

Construction of popular power and at the same time the irruption of the other, the democratic question that generations have confronted for millennia is presented today as an institution of good collective living and as resistance to international financial power; as a conjunction of the popular and the difference; as a theoretical and practical call for a reinvention and a creative articulation of the great concepts inherited from the European political lexicon –equality, freedom, emancipation, hegemony, autonomy–, to plot with them a wide network of containment of radical experiences that seek to oppose the plunder world operated by very old revamped powers. Democracy as a reflection on power and collective action for its dispute, but also as a hospitality of the minority and the rare that treasure thought, language and practices. Possibility of taking the floor and recovering from ...read more


Book: Lo interrumpido

ISBN: 9789871501830