Memoria de los ritos paralelos

Memoria de los ritos paralelos - Miguel Grinberg - Caja Negra Editora
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The newspapers that make up this book, typed at night with a borrowed typewriter that the author should return each morning, transcribe his prophetic experiences during a stay in the bohemian Greenwich Village in 1964: a series of long days of wandering stimulated by reading live public demonstrations, heated discussions on cinema and literature, discovering the Beatles and Bob Dylan singing rebel, a night of partying and drunk in the house of LeRoi Jones, and an argument with Allen Ginsberg on the role of intellectuals in times of political ferment.

"A consistent winner; parallel rites that inspired my dreams and from the heart of creation. "

Privileged witness to the fortune of being in the right place at the right time, Miguel Grinberg is in this trip with which the premiums of their cultural activism materials: rock, beatnik literature, spirituality, pacifism, more


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Book: Memoria de los ritos paralelos

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