Palestina / Israel

Una solución audaz para la paz

Palestina / Israel - Virginia Tilley - Akal
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The thesis of this book is that only the construction of a secular, democratic and multicultural state for Palestinians and Israelis can civilly resolve the fierce conflict that these peoples face and lead to a solution to both national communities that will avoid the destruction of a or both or even a regional crisis of great proportions. The solution of a single State defended at the dawn of the constitution of the State of Israel by Albert Einstein, Judah Magnes, Hanna Arendt or Martín Buber, and by the PLO between the late and mid-1970s is being increasingly contemplated interest in innumerable individuals and organizations and Palestinian and Israeli social and political agents as the only reasonable way out to avoid the grip that is seriously distorting the coexistence and progress of Palestinian and Israeli societies. The catastrophic trajectory for the Palestinian people of more


Book: Palestina / Israel

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