Poesía y narrativa completas

Poesía y narrativa completas - César Vallejo - Akal
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The figure of César Vallejo (Santiago de Chuco, 1892-Paris, 1938), located at the beginning and end of two worlds (the American, under the post-romantic and modernist heritage, and the European, significant in terms of the aesthetic renewal of the avant-gardes) represents the most personal and disruptive example of all contemporary Spanish-American lyrics. This volume collects, in the first place, all his poetic work, including the facsimiles of his posthumous poems, at the same time that it offers us the possibility of carrying out a new, open and critical reading, towards the contents of a poetics where experimentation and solidarity form a whole from which Vallejo builds the utopia of language. In the second part of the volume, his complete narrative work is collected, from the historical-social perspective that represents the literature of his early years (Melographed scales and w...read more



Book: Poesía y narrativa completas

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