Poética como critica del sentido

Poética como critica del sentido - Henri Meschonnic - Marmol izquierdo
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Marmol izquierdo
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A poem puts us in language, makes us hear the accents of a life, the thread of that life, helps us to live. "My whole life is in my poems, my poems are the language of my life" (Henri Meschonnic, Vivre poéme, p. 7) Poetics, in what is heard, in what is said, seeks listening against the reason of the sign. He asks the question against the deafness of the sign. Advance in that jungle. Listen that brings us the notion of rhythm, implies it, the plot, is an organization of the movement of the word in language: it is its strength, its tremor, its incessant question. To think of rhythm is to articulate the body to language. That passage. Henri Meschonnic's poetry, in addition to a practice of rhythm, allows us to sharpen the sense, puts us face to face with the tics, with the clisés of language. "And I declare immediately: the poet is a poet when he does not know what he does. The theorist ...read more

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Book: Poética como critica del sentido

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