Pulsión y ficción

Pulsión y ficción - Francoise Samson - Marmol izquierdo
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Marmol izquierdo
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Tapa Blanda

The reading of Francoise Samson's book reveals, shortly after walking, a constant: a very precise and careful dialogue, without erasing nuances and deferences, between the texts of Freud and Lacan. Thus, the preparation it proposes does not predess this dialogue, a reading exercise which is increasingly carried out in a particular way. Between fiction and pulssion, the indegueration into Franz Kafka's texts chronicles a unique moment, with no return, escaping repetition, while work on Marguerite Duras's film shows, behind the splendors of Venice, in his insistence, his true face. For the author, the desert is a place where no one can make countenance. Reading the prints, interpreting them, are matters of life and death. Orienting yourself requires a know-how with the sharpest traces and this knowledge is only acquired by the journey of experience. In psychoanalysis, it's the same thin...read more

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Book: Pulsión y ficción

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