Roma, Florencia, Venecia

Roma, Florencia, Venecia - Georg Simmel - Gedisa
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The German philosopher and sociologist Georg Simmel felt a constant attraction to Italy throughout his life, both in the private sector and academia. The result of this passion wrote, at different times, some short essays on three Italian cities: Rome (1898), Florence (1906) and Venice (1907). The three had a special place in his heart, like that of many of his contemporaries and many of us.  Georg Simmel, in three trials, attempts to successfully lead his readers to the heart of the aesthetic secret of the three cities, showing what their unique beauty and fascination about the visitor. Simmel naked beauty of Rome, Florence and Venice but without destroying it.  Simmel's texts, the Italian cities are presented through a contemplative look, the panoramic offered comes from a high point, perhaps like an impressionist painter. Like Goethe, Simmel conveys the joy of Italy and its cities


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Book: Roma, Florencia, Venecia

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