Tanuki y las ranas

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Transfuge of other arts, in addition to the literary itself, César Cortés Vega tries to disintegrate the form before its elucidation. The result? Tanuki and the frogs, a volume of writing that must be groped to distinguish, if this is possible, at what point reality is confirmed bizarre amid the most incorruptible sobriety. The anecdote that serves Cortés Vega is told in a few words: a woman makes an open invitation to have sex to be videotaped. With that, he displays the menu of what will be the narrative scaffolding: the technology at the service of the new flesh, the metaphysics of the customs of a century that dawns, as well as the virtues of the voyeur and the possibility of removing the label of "perverted" . The narrative advances in its voluntary precipice and renounces transparency to delve into the options offered by the language to be diluted. Luis Bugarini


Book: Tanuki y las ranas

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