Testimonio en resistencia

Testimonio en resistencia - Philippe Mesnard - Waldhuter
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It has often been said that the concentration camp experience is unspeakable. And yet an enormous number of texts, plays or films strive to bear witness to it, seeking language and images capable of addressing what is beyond imagination. From a vast literary and cinematographic corpus, Philippe Mesnard studies the different forms of expression mobilized by witnesses, writers and artists. It establishes four testimonial configurations: realistic writing that is supposed to be transparent (for example, those of Vassili Grossman, David Rousset, among others), “transcendent” writing, which transposes reality to a symbolic setting (as in André's Last Just Schwartz-Bart or Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni), the “critical configuration”, which gives place to emptiness and loss (for example, in Imre Kertész, Robert Antelme or Claude Lanzmann), and the “pathetic” writing , emotional, that ...read more

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Book: Testimonio en resistencia

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