Un método para ayudar a las personas mayores desorientadas

Validación  - Naomi  Feil - Herder
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This book provides a practical method for communicating with the very elderly who suffer disorientation and to help them regain their dignity, safety and welfare. In the later stages of life, the very old often return to the past and retreat in confusion or fantasy. For Naomi Feil, this return to the past is not a mental illness, but a survival technique. The method that the author presented in this book teaches you to recognize the symptoms of disorientation and the social, physical and emotional that cause it. Through careful listening and empathy, eye contact and touch, you can break the isolation that disorientation occurs in the very old and begin to understand and interpret their feelings. gerontologists and gerontology and nursing students, gerocultores, caregivers, social workers, family members of Alzheimer's or senile dementia.


Book: Validación 

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