Zumbidos en la cabeza

Zumbidos en la cabeza - Drago Jančar  - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Keber's name was spoken with respect in Maribor prison. Thieves, forgers, scammers, common criminals, and major criminals bowed to him and told his adventures with admiration and fear: Keber had slept in Vietnam among hundreds of corpses; He had crossed all the oceans by boat; On the island of Santo Domingo the generals trembled at his presence; In Russia women tried to kill themselves for him; To arrest him, the authorities mobilized a whole battalion, besieged a neighborhood and closed all the exits of the city of Ljubljana. But all these actions are nothing compared to the deed that made him famous: the great revolt of Livada prison, comparable in heroism and daring to the revolt of the Jews of Masada in the first century against the Roman Empire. Tinnitus in the head is not only the parallel chronicle of both revolts, it is a novel about emancipation, dignity, freedom and, above a...read more


Book: Zumbidos en la cabeza

ISBN: 9786079436148