Procopius History of the wars Books 6.16 - 7.36

With an english translation by H.B. Dewing

Procopius History of the wars Books 6.16 - 7.36 - Procopio de Cesarea - Loeb Classical Library
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Procopius Volume IV
Loeb Classical Library 173
History of the Wars, Volume IV
Books 6.16-7.35. (Gothic War)

Table of Contents
Map: Northern Italy
History of the Wars
Book 6 (from 6.16). The Gothic War, continued
Book 7 (to 7.35). The Gothic War, continued

Procopius, born at Caesarea in Palestine late in the 5th century, became a lawyer. In 527 CE he was made legal adviser and secretary of Belisarius, commander against the Persians, and went with Belisarius again in 533 against the Vandals and in 535 against the Ostrogoths. Sometime after 540 he returned to Constantinople. He may have been that Procopius who was prefect of Constantinople in 562, but the date of his death (after 558) is unknown.

Procopius’s History of the Wars in 8 books (here collected in five volumes) recounts the Persian Wars of emperors Justi...leer más


Libro: Procopius History of the wars Books 6.16 - 7.36

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