Alemania y el México Independiente

Percepciones mutuas, 1810-1910

Alemania y el México Independiente - Heinz  Kohut - Herder México
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Herder México
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Perspectives: under this motto, Mexican and German researchers 32 studied in this volume the multiple and complex cultural relationships between Germany and Mexico in the first century of its independence. A first source of mutual knowledge are the publications of travelers - Germans in Mexico and some Mexican travelers in Germany - discussed in the first half. The second examines the enduring presence of Germany in Mexico: thus, German thought in the political and cultural scene, the German colony in Mexico City and the work of various German companies that contributed to the country's technical and industrial . The third part reverses the perspective by focusing on the Mexican presence in Germany._x000D_
The 2006 conference was enriched by an exhibition at the National Library of Mexico that beautifully illustrated the presence of German thought in Mexico. The more


Book: Alemania y el México Independiente

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