Ante el vacío existencial

Hacia una humanización de la psicoterapia

Ante el vacío existencial - Viktor E. Frankl - Herder
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In addition to a psychology "deep" psychology there is also a "high". The latter is what we want to present Frankl in this work, which includes in its field of view will be meaningless. Every era has its neuroses and every time you need your psychotherapy. Today we face an existential frustration charged with a lack of sense and a great feeling of emptiness. The affluent society needs only meets, but not the will to meaning. The radical tendency of man seeks the meaning of life and intends to fill it with content. This brief volume offers the reader a dense content and at the same time, glowing humanism, copiously documented, as considered critical judgments which deserves careful reading.


Book: Ante el vacío existencial

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