Cartas de Kelly

Cartas de Kelly - Wolf Wondratschek - Herder México
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Herder México
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The first-person narrator, a European writer, is stranded in New York, where a series of spiritual and physical excesses he got in trouble, and cunning has made it internenen in an asylum. There, in an almost monastic ideal retreat along months is himself again, finally escapes, and returns with fresh encouragement to the madness of normal life. His yoked contact with the outside world during this period consists of letters he writes to his beloved, who has been in Europe, such a Kelly. (While Kelly also responds, his letters, which are reproduced as facsimiles, are illegible for us. This is calligraphy by the artist leaves Lilo Rinkens) (...) The theme of love between man and woman is the field Wondratschek main poet Wolf. Now he devotes to love also a prose text, and in my opinion has been the best ever written, crazy, monomaniac, romantic to the border with the kitsch (and more


Book: Cartas de Kelly

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