El enigma de la mujer

¿Con Freud o contra Freud?

El enigma de la mujer - Sarah Kofman - Gedisa
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This book covers the entire Freudian corpus and therefore underlines the complexity of Freud's texts related to female sexuality. Thus, the difficulties imposed by the enigma of women and their hesitations when providing a definition on a range of issues for which only managed to take speculative answers come. More than answers, it is fallacious solutions to a problem that Freud could not come face to face: sex woman, mother. These include the famous penis envy, "obsession" Freud jijar seeking women in an immutable apposition, atopic control his character, his instability, mobility making it inaccessible, enigmatic criminal in the eyes of men. Paradoxically, this "criminal" -particularly the narcissistic woman exercised an enormous fascination on Freud, almost intimidating. The "theory" penis envy is a panic reaction, a dreamlike fiction created to transform into a hysterical woman in...read more


Book: El enigma de la mujer

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