Identidades inciertas: Zygmunt Bauman 

Identidades inciertas: Zygmunt Bauman  - Helena  Béjar - Herder
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Liquid Modernity is a time without certainties. His subjects, who fought during the Enlightenment to be able to get rid of civil liberties and tradition, are now required to be free. We have gone from individuals "irue" individuals "in fact" and therefore have to design our life as a menu of options where each was sovereign. But this is only a mirage. The work culture of flexibility ruins the forward-looking, undoes the sense of career and experience. For its part, the nuclear family has become a "pure relationship" where each "partner" can leave the other at the first difficulty. Love is floating, without liability to the other, with its best faceless link provides Instructions are network anchors and personal stock. Declining welfare state and no collective stories that give meaning to history and individual lives, surfing the waves of an ever changing and fluid society more


Book: Identidades inciertas: Zygmunt Bauman 

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