Loa a la tierra

Un viaje al jardín

Loa a la tierra - Byung-Chul Han - Herder
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The Earth gives life and renews. Its regenerative power is latent and inscrutable, creative and patient. In this original work, Byung-chul Han turns gardening into an art where to exercise meditation and reflect on beauty, life and worship.

In gardening, this power of life can be appreciated and learned. More than a mere technique, the cultivation of plants provides recognition and gratitude to this underground excellence. Gardening, then, becomes an art where meditation and prayer are practiced in a bet for the recovery of the original unity between cultivation and worship.

Loa a la Tierra, more than an essay, are the confessions and reflections of Byung-Chul Han that have arisen in the time dedicated to your garden. Halfway between philosophy, spirituality and poetry, this work offers beautiful texts and illustrations on each of the plants cultivated by the philosopher...read more



Book: Loa a la tierra

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