Pérdida, pena, duelo

Vivencia, investigación y asistencia

Pérdida, pena, duelo - Jorge L. Tizón - Herder
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This book not only reviews current psychological , sociological and biological literature on grief , but is above all a guide to understanding their psychological and psychosocial processes and for various community - service mental health, health, social and teaching , among others, can alleviate suffering in such situations.

The author has tried to provide practical guidance and assistance , but without neglecting theoretical deepening and reframing . Far from the ubiquitous biologismo and the medicalization of everyday life, of the model centered healthcare consultant as a member of the community ( ASCC ) . This model not only implies a too marked by health technobureaucracy practical approach different from the usual , and the intervention of professionals, but also a sociocultural perspective based on social solidarity and creativity of free individuals and introdeterminados .


Book: Pérdida, pena, duelo

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